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Treatment Services

SafeGuards provides secure, supervised and supportive environments for sexually reactive children and adolescents.

 SafeGuards is a full continuum of services that include:                    
     - Sexuality and Risk Assessment
     - Outpatient Services
     - Specialized Foster Care
     - Home-Based Treatmen

     - Independent Living Program
     - Consultation and Education Services to Non-Profits,
       and State and Local Agencies.

Sexuality and Risk Assessment
     The SafeGuards comprehensive evaluation is designed to access level of risk and optimal intervention strategies.

Outpatient Services
     Group, family and individual outpatient services are available at our Reading and Bethlehem offices. While group is
the predominant treatment modality, all SafeGuard outpatient services reflect a "cognitive-behavioral approach" that
emphasizes the individual's need to accept personal responsibilityand their understanding of the relationship between
their previous sexual experiences, offenses and the need to change self-reinforcing deviant behaviors.

Specialized Foster Care
     Treatment interventions include:
          - Sexual arousal restructuring
          - Periodic clinical polygraphs
          - Minimal arousal conditioning
          - Deviant fantasy journaling
          - Vicarious sensitization
          - Psychiatric assessment and medication maintenance
          - Minimum one hour individual counseling per week
          - Minimum two hour group counseling

Home Based Treatment
     SafeGuards new "SafeHome" option provides highly supervised and structured treatment to the child or
adolescent in their legal home setting.  When appropriate, this innovative new service offers a cost effective
alternative to residential care and eliminates readjustment to the legal home environment upon discharge
     - State-of-the-art, in-home electronic monitoring
     - Training and support of legal family
     - Individualized treatment planning

Independent Living Program
     - Remedial education (Including home based schooling when necessary)
     - Social skill development
     - Employment skill development
     - Case management and referral to housing and other "Aging Out" services

Youth Employment Program 

-For youth who have graduated from high school.

- Youth are provided a supervised work experience in order to learn skills that will enhance future employability.                      

Consultation & Education Services
     - Speakers bureau on sexually reactive youth treatment
     - Staff training
     - Treatment consultation

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